Generating patient statements

Welcome to Hawk Revenue Group's, As a leading provider of Medical Billing services, we understand the significant role that patient statements play in the medical billing cycle. Our team of professionals is dedicated to producing accurate and timely patient statements, facilitating prompt payments and improved patient communication.

Understanding patient statements

Patient statements are detailed invoices provided to patients after receiving healthcare services. These statements itemize the services received, the amount billed to the insurance, the payments made by the insurance, and the remaining balance that the patient owes. They serve as a vital communication tool between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding financial responsibilities.

The importance of patient statements

Generating patient statements is a crucial step in the medical billing process. Accurate and timely patient statements contribute to prompt payments, thereby improving cash flow for healthcare providers. Moreover, they enhance patient satisfaction by providing clear and detailed information about their financial obligations.

Expertise and benefits

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, HRG offers unparalleled expertise in generating patient statements. By partnering with us, you can expect:

Improved Cash Flow: Timely and accurate patient statements can help expedite payments, thereby improving your practice's cash flow.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Clear and detailed patient statements can enhance patient satisfaction by providing them with a thorough understanding of their financial responsibilities.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Outsourcing the generation of patient statements to us allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care, while we handle this complex task.

Compliance Assurance: We adhere to all regulatory guidelines when generating patient statements, ensuring your practice's compliance

How it's done

At Hawk Revenue Group, we use advanced technology and industry-specific software to generate accurate and comprehensive patient statements.

Our process involves a meticulous review of patient accounts, precise calculation of balances owed, and generation of easy-to-understand statements. We also ensure the timely delivery of these statements to facilitate prompt payment.


In conclusion, generating patient statements is a key component of the medical billing cycle. With Hawk Revenue Group's comprehensive services, you can streamline your billing process, improve patient communication, and optimize your revenue. Contact us today to learn how our expertise can benefit your practice.

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"As the Chief Executive Officer of Grandview Medical Center, I would like to extend my highest praise for Hawk Revenue Group's exceptional work in A/R Follow-up, Denial Management & Appeals. This crucial aspect of Medical Billing has been handled with utmost proficiency by their dedicated team. Before Hawk Revenue Group came into the picture, we struggled with an inefficient revenue cycle due to unresolved accounts receivable and an increasing number of claim denials. However, Hawk Revenue Group's services have revolutionized our medical billing process. Their team follows up diligently on unpaid claims and manages denials effectively, thereby ensuring a healthy cash flow. They also excel in appeals management, skillfully navigating the complexities of the process to overturn denied claims. Their attention to detail, commitment to accuracy, and relentless pursuit of claim resolution have significantly improved our revenue cycle management. We've seen a substantial reduction in our accounts receivable days and an impressive increase in revenue. In conclusion, Hawk Revenue Group's services in A/R Follow-up, Denial Management & Appeals have been invaluable to our organization. We look forward to a continued successful partnership."

Dr. Patrick O'Connor

Chief Executive Officer, Grandview Medical Center

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