A/R follow-up denial management & appeals

Welcome to Hawk Revenue Group's, As a trusted provider of Medical Billing services, we understand the critical importance of these processes in the medical billing cycle. Our seasoned team of professionals executes these tasks with precision and diligence, ensuring optimal revenue recovery and reduction of denied claims.

Understanding A/R Follow-up, denial management & appeals

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Follow-up, Denial Management, and Appeals are pivotal steps in the medical billing process. A/R follow-up involves tracking unpaid claims and taking necessary actions to collect them.

Denial management involves analyzing denied claims, identifying the reasons for denial, and rectifying issues. The appeals process includes challenging unjustified denials or underpayments by insurance companies.

Why are these
processes important?

These processes are essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow and minimizing revenue loss.

Efficient A/R follow-up ensures that no claim goes unpaid, while effective denial management and appeals can lead to the recovery of substantial revenue that would otherwise be lost.

This not only improves the financial health of a healthcare provider but also highlights areas for process improvement.

Expertise and benefits

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, HRG brings unmatched expertise to all aspects of the medical billing process. By partnering with us, you can expect:

Improved Cash Flow: Effective A/R follow-up and denial management help recover unpaid revenue, improving the cash flow.

Reduced Denials: Our proactive approach to denial management identifies common reasons for denials, allowing for process improvements that reduce future denials.

Successful Appeals: Our expertise in the appeals process can lead to successful overturning of unjustified denials or underpayments, recovering revenue that might otherwise be lost.

Time Efficiency: Outsourcing these tasks to us allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care, while we handle the complex billing process.

How It's done

At Hawk Revenue Group, our team of experts uses advanced technology and industry-specific software to ensure efficient A/R follow-up, denial management, and appeals. We meticulously review unpaid and denied claims, identify trends, and take appropriate action to resolve issues. Regular audits are conducted to maintain accuracy and compliance.


A/R follow-up, denial management, and appeals are key components of the medical billing cycle. With Hawk Revenue Group's comprehensive services, you can streamline your billing process, minimize errors, recover lost revenue, and optimize overall financial performance. Contact us today to learn how our expertise can benefit your practice.

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"As the Chief Revenue Officer at Metro City Hospital, I am thrilled to endorse the services of Hawk Revenue Group, particularly their exceptional work on Payment Posting, a crucial part of Medical Billing. Prior to our partnership with Hawk Revenue Group, we faced numerous challenges associated with Payment Posting. Inaccurate postings and delays were leading to financial inconsistencies and impacting our revenue cycle. However, Hawk Revenue Group's team of experts turned things around for us. Their meticulous approach to payment posting ensured every payment was accurately posted in a timely manner. They effectively managed insurance payments, patient payments, and adjustments, which greatly reduced our administrative load. Moreover, their proactive follow-up on unpaid claims demonstrated their commitment to ensuring our revenue cycle remains uninterrupted. Their expertise in handling denials and rejections has significantly improved our cash flow and reduced our accounts receivable days. In conclusion, Hawk Revenue Group's exemplary service in Payment Posting has been instrumental in enhancing our financial health. We've seen a substantial increase in revenue, improved efficiency, and a considerable reduction in errors. We are grateful for their unwavering support."

Laura Davis, Chief Revenue Officer,

Metro City Hospital

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