Revenue cycle management

Hawk Revenue Group (HRG) offers an extensive range of services to US doctors setting up their medical practices, one of which includes the management of the entire revenue cycle. Our proficient billing team handles everything from pre-eligibility verification to claims submission, denial follow-up, and A/R management, providing comprehensive monthly reports for full transparency.

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in healthcare refers to the financial process that facilities use to administer all functions associated with patient service revenue, from scheduling and registering a patient to final payment of a balance. It encompasses every administrative and clinical function that contributes to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.

Why is Licensing and Credentialing

RCM is vital as it directly impacts the financial health of a medical practice. Effective RCM ensures smooth cash flow, reduces claim denials, and maximizes revenue. It involves managing the patient billing process efficiently, which includes insurance eligibility verification, coding and billing, charge capture, claim submission, payment posting, and denial management.

Our Approach

At HRG, we adopt a comprehensive and systematic approach to RCM. Our expert billing team manages the entire revenue cycle, starting with pre-eligibility verification and proceeding to claims submission. We follow up on any claim denials and manage your accounts receivable (A/R) to ensure you receive all the revenue you are due. We also provide detailed monthly reports, offering complete transparency into your practice’s financial performance.

Expertise and Benefits

With extensive experience in supporting US doctors to establish their medical practices, HRG brings significant expertise to Revenue Cycle Management. Our team understands the complexities of healthcare billing and the nuances of various insurance plans. This knowledge, combined with our systematic approach, helps to streamline your revenue cycle, reduce claim denials, and improve cash flow.

Additionally, our comprehensive monthly reports provide you with clear insights into your financial status, enabling you to make informed decisions about your practice.


In conclusion, effective Revenue Cycle Management is essential for the financial health of your medical practice. With Hawk Revenue Group, you can rest assured that your RCM is in capable hands. Our expert team and meticulous approach ensure that your revenue cycle runs smoothly, maximizing your earnings and giving you more time to focus on patient care. Trust us to provide you with the financial clarity and stability you need to grow your practice.

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"Since partnering with “Hawk Revenue Group” for our medical billing needs, we've seen a significant improvement in our revenue cycle management. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and always up-to-date with the latest industry changes. The accuracy and efficiency of their work have not only helped us increase our collections but also allowed our staff to focus on providing exceptional patient care. We highly recommend “Hawk Revenue Group” to any practice seeking a reliable and effective medical billing partner."

Dr. Jane Smith

Family Medicine

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