Referrals and coordination of care

Hawk Revenue Group (HRG) provides a comprehensive suite of services to US doctors setting up their medical practices. One such critical service is the management of referrals and coordination of care. Our team helps you build and manage a database of referring physicians, ensuring a steady stream of patients and facilitating seamless coordination of care.

What are Referrals and Coordination of Care?

Referrals in healthcare involve transferring a patient's care from one physician or specialist to another who can better cater to the patient's needs. Coordination of care refers to the organization of patient care activities between two or more participants involved in a patient's care to facilitate the appropriate delivery of healthcare services.

Why is it Important?

Effective management of referrals and coordination of care is essential for several reasons. It ensures that patients receive the right care at the right time from the right provider, improving patient outcomes. Additionally, a well-managed referral system can lead to a consistent stream of patients, enhancing the practice's revenue. Moreover, coordinated care helps avoid duplication of services, reduces healthcare costs, and improves patient satisfaction.

Our Approach

At HRG, we adopt a systematic approach to managing referrals and coordination of care. We help you build a robust database of referring physicians, which we continually update and manage. This system ensures a steady inflow of patients to your practice. Additionally, we assist in coordinating care, ensuring all healthcare providers involved in a patient's care are aligned in their approach, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Expertise and Benefits

With extensive experience in helping US doctors set up medical practices, HRG brings significant expertise to the table in managing referrals and coordinating care. Our team understands the intricacies of these processes and leverages this knowledge to create an efficient system for your practice. The benefits include a steady stream of patients, improved patient outcomes due to better-coordinated care, reduced healthcare costs, and enhanced patient satisfaction.


In conclusion, effective management of referrals and coordination of care is crucial for a successful medical practice. With Hawk Revenue Group, you can count on expert assistance in these areas, ensuring your practice runs smoothly and efficiently. Our support leads to improved patient care, a steady patient inflow, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line for your practice. Trust us to guide you through this vital aspect of your medical practice setup.

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